beautiful day


  1. Fabulous!!! Especially love the last one. Were you shooting with a wide angle lens? Love all you captured in the picture.

  2. Hi Mindy!
    It's me, Katy, from M24 (don't blame you if you can't remember me.... i've been a SLACKER the last couple months!!)

    but first of all: LOVE this blog, LOVE your work... You're fantastic and.... well, just WOW!

    secondly: I have a sweet couple here in Rexburg who are getting hitched and are looking around for good photographers in the Salt Lake area (are you even IN Utah???? i'm just assuming, I think!) but if you are-- do you mind if I send them a link to your blog? I told the happy couple that I'd send a few links of some of my favorite photographers.

    Let me know if you're okay with that!?

    Thanks and you're wonderful!!!!