Kaden & Tina

I met Tina at a boutique I had a booth at, and she scheduled on the spot for me to take pictures of her 3 year old... she warned me that we might not get a good picture, and he might not be in the mood. Once he warmed up... it was magical. He's cuter than a little boy has a right to be, and he was so much fun! He didn't want to leave when we were done, and I was ready to keep him. My favorite part of the shoot happened when we put mom and son together... pure magic. These two have such a great relationship. I was just happy to be there with a camera! The usual dilemma... b&w or color?

I'll post more of the little guy tomorrow...


  1. Carter and I had Kindermusic with them, they are super cute. Looks like they had a lot of fun!