How Much Do I Love Photoshop?

Well, let me give you a little demonstration...

Every once in awhile I don't get my exposure or color balance right (I know, shocking! ;) but the expression is definitely worth saving... Here are a couple of befores & afters I worked on today:

So, now you know all of my secrets. Photoshop rocks. :)


  1. Photoshop is a great program, yes. But you have to know how to ROCK photoshop for it to really rock. And you DO!

  2. Do you mean to say that your SOOC images don't come out retouched?! :)
    And yes, PS is great in the right hands. It should make a great photographer better, but these days, people try to use PS to save images that weren't photographed correctly to begin with. There should be some sort of oath that people have to take in order to purchase PS. "First, do no harm..." :)

  3. Yes, Jen... first do no harm. ;) I should've clarified that photoshop will NOT save bad photos... it's not magical.

    Rachel, thanks, sweetie... I'm LEARNING how to rock photoshop. ;)

  4. Amen...I heart photoshot as well!:)

  5. dang why did my little sister get all the beauty? I am really jealous right now.