Easter Minis

When my sis-in-law called to see if I could take photos of two of my favorite subjects in their easter dresses, the wheels started turning.... How many people got adorable easter clothes for their kids and would like a few pics?
So, here's the deal if you don't want to do a full blown session... I'm going to do Easter mini sessions for a great deal through April. You get your kid(s) looking adorable, bring them to my house, we snap some winning smiles, and you get a disc with 6 edited images (my choice) the next day.
Here's the cost breakdown:
$30 (mini session and 6 edited images on a disc)
*Take $5 off if you've booked a session with me before, or if you have booked one for the future, or if you book one for the future and do this little mini session now.
*Take $5 off if you book with a friend. Yes, that means you EACH get $5 off, but only one friend discount per person. (So, if you bring 5 friends, I'll love you, but you each only get $5 off your session. ;) Or, if you decide to book your kids separately, you'll get $5 off of each of their sessions.

*Only $10 total discounts on each session allowed.
*This special doesn't qualify you for the other spring special 12x18 print... sorry.


  1. What a great idea for a deal. I love your photos, Mindy.

  2. Fabulous idea! Adorable pictures!

  3. I don't see a B&W to comment on for IHF, but THIS is fabulous! What a great deal; those are really, really good pictures!
    And thanks for your comment on my blog...:<)