SWEET! Lollipop Sessions...

Remember forever ago when I told you I'd tell you how you could have your own lollipop session? Well, it's finally here!  

I have the lollipops... all you have to do is bring your adorable baby, kid, teen. For 2 days only I will be giving a special deal for these sessions.

$50 for 10 edited images on a disc AND one 8x10 print. 

Pretty sweet, huh?

The dates are THIS Saturday, July 17th and Wednesday, July 21st. I only have a limited number of spots and lollipops, so call or email me soon.

Oh, and just to make the deal a little bit sweeter... if you book 2 sessions, or get your friend to book one too, you'll each get an additional 8x10 print.  (These are professional quality super nice prints, by the way. :)

p.s. You can book a session for this great deal on those two days without the lollipop if you'd prefer.


  1. it's not fair...me jumping up and down...that you live soooo far away!!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from these shoots! Adorable idea!