Christmas Cards are Here!!

I'm so excited about the Christmas Cards that I have to offer to my clients this year! I had them custom designed just for me by Charlotte at Gardunia Design! That means that my clients won't have cards the same as everyone else who goes to the local store and prints what everyone else is printing! :)

I have a few different options for ordering your very own Christmas Cards to send out to your favorite friends and family this year... and these options are available to any clients, past and present. (And I'm going to have some great mini session deals coming up if you don't want to do a whole big session for these cards! (These prices are on top of session fees) All you have to do is let me know which photos are your favorites, I'll create your card with your photos and name, and you're set!

*Deluxe Pearl Finish 5x7 Cards with Envelopes:  25 cards/ $35*
(these are beautiful, highest quality cards printed front AND back that your loved ones will want to keep forever! You can have the back another full size photo, or send me a personalized message to have printed on every card)

*Lustre 5x7 Cards with Envelopes: 25 cards/ $25*
(still beautiful quality, one sided)

*5x7 resolution file of your card on a disc to be sent via email, or to print as you desire: $25 per card file*

You can choose from four beautiful designs... all 25 cards will be of the same design. 



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