Halloween Mini-Sessions!

I am so excited for Halloween this year! (Those who know me well might be surprised at that statement. ;)  I'll be shooting mini-sessions at my house of little princesses, monsters, witches, pumpkins, and ghosts. I figured since all of you put so much thought and preparation into your adorable (or spooky) costumes, you might like to have them documented forever... like this:

Isn't Princess Molly the cutest ever??

So, here's the deal:
$10 gets you a mini session and 3 edited high-resolution photos (I'll choose the best) emailed to you. Even better... if you bring two little costumed boys or ghouls, you get both for $15! (It can be two in the same family, or you can get a friend to join your "team". $15 sessions will still fit into one shooting spot, but you will get 6 total images... or if you want 6 images of one kiddo, this deal will work for that too!)

Choose a time that you'd like to sign up for, let me know in the comments what time you want (check to see if someone has requested your spot first, just in case I haven't updated yet). If you need a different time of day, contact me, or write in the comments, and I'll see what else I can open up.

Hurry! Halloween is close enough to scare you! ;)

Friday, October 29th a.m.
10:00 Nicole
10:10  Katie
10:20  Sha
10:30  Sha

2:00  Meggan
2:45 Shae

Saturday, October 30th p.m.
1:30  Mandy
1:40  Lacy
1:50  Carrie
2:00  Carrie
2:10  Christine
2:20 Aderyn
2:30  Kristin


  1. Can I sign up for Saturday at 2:30 or the closest available time?

  2. Can I have the 1:50 & 2:00 slots on Saturday. (I'm new in your ward)

  3. Carrie, I've got you down! Have I met you? If not, I can't wait to! :) Call me for directions to my house if you need... 781-1515.

  4. Mindy, I forgot to give you my email address! It's ci1210 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks! I can't wait to see the pictures!