Mini Christmas Sessions are FINALLY HERE!!!

I've been putting too many people off for too long... and finally decided I'm just going to schedule my mini sessions before you all give up on me! I am so excited about this... I just know you're going to love it!
Here's the deal...
I will be shooting mini sessions on 
Friday, November 19th (the great outdoors) 
Tuesday, November 23rd ("the" red door) 
and Saturday, December 4th (downtown urban) 
There is a limited number of sessions I can do each day, so if you need a specific time,
or want a specific place, make sure to contact me as soon as possible.

You will get: 
your family session** and 10 edited high resolution images on a disc for just $50

This is a GREAT way to get family photos for Christmas Cards... and if you order them by December 5th you can get $5 off any of the Christmas Card options.
(Trying to avoid last minute rush! ;)

If you don't know what to give to the grandparents... here's the perfect idea! An updated family photo is always appreciated!
(Believe me, I get asked for one frequently, and I'm the worst at getting it done!!)

Now, if you've already had a family session with me, and you're saying, 
Hey! What about my Christmas Card deal?? 
Well... don't worry. I'm not leaving you out!! 
Through December 5th you can also order Christmas Cards with pictures from your past session with me for $5 off!
 Just contact me, let me know which cards and photos you like best,
 and I'll create your card and get them ordered!

**You can use this deal for any type of session... it doesn't have to be a family session.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. I do want to do this. I will talk to Mike, I am thinking probably Dec 4th would be best, it is his Friday off. I might need to do it by the red door though because of babe. We will see how cold it is. Is this okay?

  2. Sha, yes... we could do the red door. I'll just schedule you at the beginning or the end. Did you know December 4th is a Saturday? Just checking. :)

  3. So I know that we just did family pictures but Ryann is officially sitting up and I can't pass up you taking pictures of her!!! What about Sat Dec 4th? I'm not working and that puts a little time between when we took family pictures. Also, I want Christmas cards. As soon as I get our family pics from ya I'll let you know which one, etc. Mindy I just can't say NO to your mini sessions!!!!!

  4. Okay okay you talked me into it! I was going to wait till Tanner was a bit older but I can't pass up a great deal! I think the only day that will work for our family is the 4th so put us down for a downtown urban.

  5. Just read Sha's comment if its super yucky whether can we do the red door too? Otherwise I'm fine with downtown.

  6. So... I want to do pics of my kids and my nephew Collin for my mom. She is always begging for pictures of all of them together and let me be honest... it's usually a nightmare. Anyway, since Eliza's been born she's been asking for a picture of all her grandkids again. Can we do it this weekend? The kids have early out, so that makes our schedule a lot more flexible. Just let me know what times you have open.

  7. I love the lighting in these photos. Nice!