Somebody Pinch Me

I think this might all start going to my head. I love photography, and it seems like good things keep happening with it... and I just want more and more... and who knows, maybe I'll really go somewhere with this... and maybe I won't, and that's okay too. But... Pioneer Woman chose my photo AGAIN!! I think this makes 4? Go check it out... and read the comments too. Some of them really made me smile. :)

Oh, and I think I'm going to make this one available as one of my fine art prints. Maybe as a canvas? Or do you think framed? Maybe framed... I think I'd like it framed best.Photobucket


  1. If I was going to buy it, or have it given to me from you as a gift;), I would get it framed, but with the canvas print on top. Make sense?

  2. Lovely "art" piece, has a very Chinese painting feel to it ;-)

  3. Its beautiful! I would do canvas for 2 reasons. Its the new thing that I see when I am looking at art for my home and it would enhance the oil painting feeling that you already have in the picture.