Weathered Heart

I'm very excited about an upcoming opportunity... one of my fine art prints is going to be auctioned off at Paul Cardall's 2nd Annual Celebrate Life Concert & Silent Auction!

This is the print that I have chosen. I love the colors, I love the feeling, but most of all, it is a heart... a weathered heart... a heart that goes on, even when things get really, really tough.  The proceeds from this concert and auction go to Paul's Family Foundation, which helps families affected by congenital heart disorders. How perfect is that?

I feel really honored to be able to help in my own little way. You should all get tickets and come to the benefit concert!



  1. That is SO fantastic! It's a gorgeous print!!!!

  2. That's awesome Mindy. Good job. Beautiful picture.
    Did you know that Paul Cardall is Mark's wife's cousin? Just a tad bit of info. :)

  3. You never cease to amaze me Mindy! This is SO cool!