Coming Up Soon!!

I know I promised photography class details this week... but I'm leaving to go out of town today, and I still have a few details I want to work out before I finalize things... and I'm feeling rushed. Will it mean anything to you if I promise the details will be up next week? I hope so... because this time I really mean it!

Also, plan on Easter Minis again this year! I loved the Easter Minis last year, so I'm making it tradition. I may throw in another day of minis if Spring ever starts to appear... just to celebrate!

Oh, and one more exciting thing coming up... watch for examples of the fun things you can do with the photos I take. I've seen some amazing things people have printed up and displayed, and I'm going to be taking pics of it to show you! I love seeing the photos I take well-loved and creatively displayed in the home. It makes me all giddy. :) (If you have had a session with me in the past and have prints in your home, and I haven't talked to you yet... will you contact me if you'd like to be featured on the blog? I'd LOVE to have tons of these!!)


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