I was checking out an amazing photographer's blog (Jasmine Star), and listening to a clip of her talking. She shares the story of a photographer who felt that he should shoot the World Series, but instead was shooting T-Ball games. It took him awhile of not giving it his all, because darn it, he was better than T-Ball, but he finally got this profound truth:

He had to shoot the T-Ball games as if he were shooting the World Series. That was the only way he was going to get there. 

And guess what? He got there. 

Then Jasmine shared her story of shooting a little "ghetto" church wedding... as if she was shooting a "Martha Stewart Wedding"... and it changed her business. She's now amazingly famous, and just plain amazing too... and all because she decided whenever she had to shoot a "ghetto fab" wedding, she was going to take the ghetto out and just shoot fabulous.

You know, this works for every area of life, not just photography. I am inspired. It doesn't matter how small a job is, or how small my town is... I want to always give my very best. I feel like I already do give my whole heart in most areas, but I'm committing to take it to the next level. I'm going to shoot now like the fabulously famous photographer I'm going to be someday. :)

Go listen to the clip from Jasmine... see if you can apply it to something in your life. You'll be glad you did! :)



  1. I never watch videos, too lazy. But since you recommended it, did. It is great, makes so much sense. But I am still really hesitant in even trying. If I just shoot for mediocracy, then I won't be so disappointed if that is what I see. Just read through that, clearly, I should see a shrink.;)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. OH my, HUGE J* fan here!! :)

    And that is a gorgeous pic up there, girl!! :)

    p.s. you must let me know when you decide which camera you choose! :)

  3. I love that! Thanks for sharing!
    I also love your last post too! :) You're bound to be great when you are so sweet and nice and soooo caring! Thanks again!