Photography Classes

 In March I'm going to teach a two part photography class.

 I decided to do this kind of the same way that I decided to "go pro" with photography... when enough people asked me to do it, I decided it was time... so, it's time to do a class. (Okay, okay!! I'll do it! ;)

 The two part class will go this way: on a weekday night we will have a beginning DSLR class... this is a class to teach you the basics of how to use that camera.

 Then, for the second part, we'll go out on a weekend and shoot... hands on stuff. Me telling you what I do, you asking questions. This part will have some DSLR stuff, but would also be beneficial for someone with a point and shoot who just wanted to take better pics of the kids.

You could do one class, or the other... or both. I'm not positive on the cost yet... it kind of depends on the interest, but I can guarantee you that it's going to be worth it.  :)  If you are even kind of interested, or know someone who would be, I'd love to know. (Let me know which class you're interested in too... or if you're interested in both). This will really help me get the curriculum and class together.

Did I say how excited I am about this??



  1. Oh i love the entire idea! I have such a major phobia of shooting in Manual... even though I don't have a DSLR, I know i could truly glean a ton of info from classes like this. I wish I lived closer so I could come to your classes. You should also put together a Photoshop class... you do the BEST texture i've ever seen... truly!

  2. This is such a fantastic idea! You are such a talented photographer and would be awesome at teaching a class. I would be super interested in doing a hands on sort of shoot where we can ask you questions and whatnot (I got a new camera for Christmas!). Please let me know if you end up doing classes! I would be more than willing to make a trip home for a class from you :)

  3. I'm interested, but I just have a point and shoot.

  4. Katy, I would love to do a photoshop class, but I can't figure out how it would work with what I have available. Do I have the class huddle around my teeny computer desk? ;)

    Kate, hooray for a new camera for Christmas!! I am so glad you'll make a trip home... I'd love to spend time with you!

    Nicole, the second class would definitely be helpful, even with just a point and shoot... and there are still things you could learn in the other class if you wanted to come!! Ryann needs lots of pics taken of her. ;)

    Sha! YES!!!! Of course! But please, don't die!

  5. I would also love to take your classes. I have a friend who would too. Please let me know when you get the details! Yay :)

  6. Hi Mindy! I LOVE this idea! I was actually going to e-mail you and ask if you'd ever be interested in teaching! ;) A girl from my husband's hometown does a DSLR Bootcamp and I've been dying to go, except that it's 4 hours away. Donny got me a new entry level DSLR camera for Christmas and I'd love to actually be able to use it! :) I would definitely be interested in both classes. I would also LOVE to huddle around your little computer desk and learn some photoshop! That's what I'm most interested in. I need a start. I just want to get some good shots of these little kiddos while they are growing so quickly! I can't afford to keep hiring someone every month! :) I think you are amazing and I would love to learn some of your tricks! I bet I even have some friends interested as well. Please let me know more when you decide! THANKS!!

  7. Depending on the dates I would like some education on photography too!

  8. YOU ROCK--and I am SO jealous I am not there to glean more from you! DANG this distance!

  9. I'm interested!! Can't wait to hear when so I'll know if I can.