Photography Classes by Melinda Smith

 So, you've got your brand new DSLR... or maybe you've had it for years... and you have no idea how to get it out of auto settings and really have control over the creative aspect of your photography. You need to come to one of my photography classes... we have tons of fun and learn like crazy. :) Contact me for upcoming dates and to get on the waiting list. I will also have mentoring sessions available in the future for editing, shooting... or whatever you want.

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 Thank you for teaching these classes. They were wonderful!  Some of the most technical stuff, you taught in a way that was so easy to understand (and actually remember!). Since your class, I have not used my auto mode at all, and still getting pretty pictures! I had hardly any experience with my DSLR, and after your class, I actually feel like I might know what I'm doing. I will be telling everyone I know to take your class, from beginner to experienced, they can all benefit from it! (And you get such beautiful models for us to practice with, thank you to them as well)
Thank you,
Vanessa Grimshaw 
 I can honestly say that this is the only photography class that I have taken, and had the privilege to be a part of! It was SO much fun!!!! And truly, had I known how much information you were going to share/teach, how easy it would be to understand, and how much of a difference it would immediately show in my pictures, I honestly would have paid triple what you charged! 

How you taught the technical information on my camera was amazing! I have read SO many different blogs, tutorials, books, etc. and would come away from them knowing different terms and definitions, but truly I never came away with the knowledge of each individual term. That is, until I was in YOUR class! 

The 'In Class' class was great! I can say I DID walk away from it actually knowing what the difference was from the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and more! I can even STILL tell someone the difference! And more importantly when I am taking important photos, I can actually make the correct changes for each to accomplish what I want the picture to look like! Now, it may still take me a couple tries to get the right look, but I know that in time, with the knowledge you shared with me I will eventually be able to know just about what number to use for each individual situation!

The 'In the Field' class was just that too! You gave us the information to SUCCEED when we were taking pictures of the models! And not only did I get some great pictures of them, I know without a doubt that the other ladies in the class did too!

You are an AMAZING photographer and teacher! I feel very honored to have been a part of your classes, and sincerely hope that you continue to teach these and others down the road! I certainly can say that I 100% benefited from your wisdom, and I look forward to furthering my passion of photography!

Thank you SO much again!

Autumn E. Keel
This year, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to take a photography class. Only problem was, I couldn't find one in this small community. So I took it off my list and didn't think more on it.

I was so excited when Mindy announced her class. I've had a DSLR for years. I love it, but I was also scared it. There were so many features and I didn't know what to do with them. It came with a video, which I attempted to watch, but it was so confusing. In the first few moments of Mindy's class, I learned more then I did in that video.

I loved so many things about Mindy's class. I appreciate that she kept the class size small. It made it easier to learn because it was so easy to interact with her and the other class members. I also loved the field trip we went on, where we put what we had learned into action.

Now the only problem I have is a list of wants because I feel more comfortable using my camera. ;)



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  1. BWAH! No I DON'T have my DSLR! Pooey... and double Pooey that I'm not close enough to take your class, because by golly I'd probably sign up every month.

    You are so great. Love you and all you do.