Sometimes I wonder how much to share on my photography blog... because it is my "professional" website. It's the place people go to decide if I'm the photographer for them.

 Obviously I'm going to share photos... and that's the most important thing to let all of you see... you want to know what my style is.

 But I also want you to know who I am... what I'm like. What my thoughts are... my dreams, my insecurities. I think all of that gives you a better picture of who I am professionally too.

 So, hopefully I share enough pictures that the words never bog the post down. If I ever start getting too wordy, and boring... friends... let me know, okay?

 Well, that about says it all. I hope you enjoyed the pics of this darling family!

Oh! And this one reminds me... they ordered a big canvas of this one (and who can blame them? ;). I love this family!



  1. I say share away, girl, share away!

  2. You shouldn't feel shy about sharing your personal life with future/current clients. A lot of times brides and families will relate to your stories & personal life and will be feel close to you, bc it's like they know you already. It helps them relate to you. Atleast that's what I've had my customers tell me.

  3. The snow is beautiful btw & i love the last b&w photo.

  4. That is the best looking family I have ever seen!

  5. these are awesome, i love the last 2! :)