Week in Review

 My first photography classes happened this past week... and overall I think everything went wonderfully! I got to know some great girls, who have a lot of picture-taking in their future, and I don't think I ever did anything too embarrassing, which is definitely a plus for me.
 My gorgeous friend Tari, and her equally beautiful daughter Abbie, were our models for the field trip class on Saturday. I learned something about myself... I'm not yet good at doing a class and a photoshoot at the same time. I had every intention of having some great photos to post after the class... photos of our models, and of the class members (because a whole bunch of photographers with their cameras in the face of one poor model is definitely a sight to see). The problem is, I got done and realize that I did a lot more talking and helping than shooting, and there was hardly anything on my own camera. ;)
I do love to teach... I think I'm definitely a teacher at heart, and I'm so grateful that I can share something with others that I love so much! I'm already looking forward to the next classes in April! Thanks again, March girls, for being such an amazing first experience for me! I love you all. :)



  1. Thank you for teaching these classes. They were wonderful! Never would have guessed you hadn't taught it before. Some of the most technical stuff, you taught in a way that was so easy to understand (and actually remember!). Since you class, I have not used my auto mode at all, and still getting pretty pictures! I had hardly no experience with my DSLR, and after your class, I actually feel like I might know what I'm doing. I will be telling everyone I konw to take your class, from beginner to experienced, they can all benefit from it! (And you get such beautiful models for us to practice with, thank you to them as well)
    Thank you,
    Vanessa Grimshaw

  2. You are a very natural teacher Mindy! (I've been through teaching school so I know! (; ) You are passionate about what you do and it shows through everything you do! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents!