A Moment

Last time I saw my sister in law, Melissa, she was about two weeks away from the birth of her fourth baby... and she was so beautiful, and stylish, and still looked GREAT, and I really wanted to capture this moment that I could see...so I forced her to let me take a few pics.

Well, let's be specific here... my sweet supportive hubby threatened to post a pic of her he took with his phone on facebook if she didn't let me. Brandon and I make a good team. ;)

The only regret I have is that I didn't make her do more pics. Sigh. Next time I see her she'll be a mom of four. I guess I'll have to console myself with taking pics of a sweet newborn.

Melissa, thanks for being patient with me... and for everything.... You are beautiful, inside and out.

... and I think you better have at least one more baby, and I'll come when you're about 7 months along and we'll have a way fun photoshoot. It's a deal, right?  ;)


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