My Own

 Every once in a while the fact that I am a mom AND a photographer occurs to me... and I take photos of the beautiful children that I am blessed with. Okay, some begging from my daughter helps a little bit too. She always wants new facebook profile pics. Hmmm... maybe I should do facebook profile mini sessions...
 Sometimes when I look at my daughter I am shocked at how beautiful she has become. How could this have happened? How could I possibly be the mother of a grown up woman? It is shocking... but it's also wonderful. This gorgeous person is mine. And she's as beautiful inside as she is out. I'm proud to be her mom.

 As I was going through the photos I was also shocked at how much she looks like me. I always thought she was her dad's girl, through and through. She has his rosy pink cheeks, his freckles, his blue eyes... but sometimes I'll see a photo and think, wait! That's ME! A much more beautiful me, but me. :) That's what is so wonderful about photography... sometimes you capture things you can't even see as much in real life.

 If only I had my camera when my kids were little. I mourn the loss of capturing them then with the skills I have now... but there's nothing to be done. I'm grateful for the photos I do have of them... and grateful that occasionally I put my photographer hat on when I'm around them now.

 I didn't take any photos of my middle child this time around... because I like to make sure I stick with stereotypes about the middle child being the least favorite. ;) No, NO! I love all of my kids, and I will get photos of Tyler on here soon. I swear!

 Cooper brought home school photos, and of course, I can't buy any, because that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? Plus, he didn't have his hair combed the day of school photos (which would actually be an accurate representation of how he is every day, but sometimes I have to pretend that I'm a decent mom).

 Cooper didn't care if I bought the school photos, as long as I promised him that he could get wallet sizes of whatever pics I take. I guess he wants to spread the cuteness far and wide. ;) I do love this monkey, dirt, scrapes, and all. Oh, and... he didn't have his hair combed for this impromptu shoot either... but he recently got a haircut, so it's not quite as scary. Plus... this smile cancels out any stray hairs, right?



  1. Beautiful pictures and especially beautiful kids. I have thought that about Aubrey looking like you more in some of the pictures you have taken.

    A side challenge from me to you. GET SOME PRINTED FOR YOUR HOME!!! If you want some help in deciding how to display them I would love to boss you around.;) And you know I always do it on the cheap. Love ya!

  2. Love, love, LOVE them. Aubrey is SO beautiful. It kind of scares me to watch her grow up, knowing it will all go by so fast!!

  3. Lol! Sha's comment is cracking me up! Do you really not have any of your kids up in your house? Hahaha! That's ok. I am the one who she had to come over and MAKE me go through pictures that were in boxes and boxes. No organization... nothing. One day I will get them in books digitally...maybe. If Sha makes me. Lol. I do have to say that I thought Aubrey looked like you in those pictures. I actually was just thinking it before you said it! She is beautiful, and I approve if McKay decides he wants to marry her instead of me. ;)