Photography Class Review

 Well, nobody threw their cameras at me in disgust, so I'm declaring the photography classes a success!  :) I've wrapped up the last class for this season... if you didn't get in, and want to know when they come around again, shoot me an email, and I'll put you on the list.

 It was so much fun to watch all the girls shooting at once... I'm pretty sure they all got some pretty great shots, because they were getting all creative and daring.

 Sara was our beautiful model for this last Saturday class. She did a fantastic job... patient, pretty, and pleasant. :)

 I don't even think having 6 cameras in her face at once phased her. She must be used to the paparazzi.

Want to know what everyone else thought? Read on...

I just had my point and shoot but I learned so much. I was so amazed at how much my camera can do. Already the everyday pictures I take are so much better. Mindy you were such a good teacher. -Nicole

I thought it was great. I learned soooo much about my camera. Now I just need to get practicing and really master it. I know it will take a while but at least I finally know what all the buttons and settings are for!! Thanks so much for doing the classes they helped and ton and was very impressed about all your knowledge!! -Jackie

Saturday's class helped me so much!! I feel like I got to take what we learned on Thursday and really use it. (Much improvement needed. :) But I feel like I am now at least speaking the same language as my camera. -Chelsie

Saturday helped me soooo much! I'm not as scared of my camera and now it's focused much better :) It was a good opportunity to try out what we learned with guidance. Thanks again!! -Melissa


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