SENIORS!!! Book your session NOW!

This post is going to be an insane overload of photos... but I'm hoping it will help get all the Seniors excited to book their sessions NOW!

So, here's the deal... just for all you amazingly wonderful Seniors graduating in 2012.

You'll get a session, with at least 3 locations and 3 outfit changes, 
and you'll get lots and LOTS of extra images on your disc. 
$200 for 50 images!!!

You can print as many photos as you like, use your images online (facebook, etc.), and share with all your friends.

I'll have this deal for a limited number of sessions, so hurry before all the spots fill up.  These sessions are SO much fun! Just look at the photos below to see for yourself...



  1. I love all of these! Are you a natural light photographer, or do you use external lighting?

  2. Ruthie, I am an exclusively natural light photographer. :)

  3. You get very balanced lighting...do you use reflectors at all?
    (sorry for all the questions!)

  4. No, problem, Ruthie. :) I don't mind answering questions. I have a reflector, but use it very very rarely (I think I've actually used it in 2 photoshoots?). I didn't use it for any of the above photos. I just look for the lighting I want, and through lots of trial and error and practice, I've learned how to find the sweet spots.