Traveling Photography Class

I've been getting a lot of feedback about people being interested in a Photography Class if I lived closer... so...

I'm planning on holding a workshop in the Salt Lake area this summer. Hooray!! This would be a one day workshop... learning the camera first, and then going out on a field trip to put it all into action.

Let me know if you (or your friend, or mom, or sister, or uncle) would be interested so I can get you on the list of people to contact when I get the date decided... it's not a commitment, don't worry! ;) I just want to know how many people I'd need to tentatively plan for. (Comment or email would be great!)

Also, if you're not in the Salt Lake area and are dying for a class near you... let me know. If there's enough interest for your area... who knows? I might just come there too. :)


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  1. will you be doing another SLC class anytime in the new year? Id Love to Attend, you can reach me at heatherbennett9503@hotmail.com thanks!