Dressing Up

 Sometimes when I'm preparing to do a shoot, I'm thinking so much about what my part is as the photographer...

 I'm thinking, what's the light like right now? Are those clouds staying or going? Is it going to rain? Where should I put my subject? What are some expressions I'm hoping to capture today?

 And then... the girl, or the family, or the baby, or the little boy shows up...

 And I can tell that they've put so much care into what they wear, and what they do with their hair, and their accessories...

 And I remember that this is an event for them... it's a special day... a day they have to perform for me, and help create photos that they'll want to keep forever.

Then I remember that it isn't all about me, it's about us... and it makes the photo shoot that much more amazing for both of us.  :)


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