Idaho Falls & Cache Valley... Listen Up. :)

 I've got enough people interested that I have decided to go up to Idaho Falls a day earlier than the wedding I'm shooting so I can fit in some other photoshoots up there. I'm so excited!! :)

 I will available in the Idaho Falls area FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd.

 And I can fit a couple of sessions in the Cache Valley area THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd.

 I will do either of these session options:
1. Regular session, $150, 30 edited images and print release
2. Find a friend and split a regular session, so you each pay $75 and each get 15 images.

 Sooo... if you have a senior who hasn't had a session yet, or a newborn, or just plain old cute kiddos...

 Or the whole family needs pictures, or you want a beautiful mom shoot...

 Or whatever kind of session you've been dreaming up...

 Let me know soon! I have 3 scheduled so far, and can fit a few more in.

 Oh, and sorry about the photo overload. I was looking for one to post with this information (because what good is a post on a photography blog without a picture to go with it?) and I couldn't choose. :)

 Okay, okay! I'll stop with the photos!!

Really... I will.  :)


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  1. Oh fun! Too bad I'm not engaged. :) I think you should come visit me in my cute little apartment and I'll play my new violin for you. How about that, hmm?