A Peek Inside My Head

I met one of my bff's sons for the first time the other day... and I was lucky enough to be able to do a little session with him while we were together.
I noticed right away that he was a sweet, cuddly, adorable, chubby, perfect baby. I had to capture those eyes... the hands... the one-armed army crawl... the essence of a baby at this age.

He is completely and utterly in love with his mom's phone. He would light up as soon as he saw it. I had to capture that.

He was so friendly... so comfortable with me. Not scared of me, or nervous around me... and believe me, those legs are definitely squeezable. :)

Those cheeks are classic... those eyes are perfection... those lips... pouting cuteness.

These moments go by way too fast, don't they? This time that they're chubby cuddly balls of sweet-smelling baby-ness....

...where everything needs to be explored with a chubby finger. You know, dimpled baby hands are one of the things I miss the very most.

No photo could ever compare to the real thing, but I hope I captured a bit of who he is... and the sweet moment that he's in right now. I hope that even if you haven't ever met him, you can feel him, see him, and smell him... because he's perfection.


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  1. You captured "who he is" perfectly.

    Thank you SO much! I wonder if you realize the effect your talents have and will continue to have on people. I will treasure these pictures forever. So glad we're bff's.