Pick My Brain Sessions

 I've had a lot of interest in editing workshops, and the best way I can think to do that is through individual mentoring... no way around it, really. :) So, if you're interested in photoshop mentoring (actions, textures, layers, masks, adjustments, fixing blemishes... basically how I do what I do), I'll let you pick my brain.

You can bring your own photos to work on editing, or we can practice with mine. You will also get a collection of my favorite photoshop actions... you'll love them. :)

I will also do camera mentoring sessions if you don't want to wait for the next group session, or if you want one on one time to pick my brain.

You can add a second person to any of these mentoring sessions for an additional fee (bring a friend and share some of the cost!).

Call me or email me if you'd like details, and to set a session up!

(Basic photography and editing sessions only if you live in the Basin. Advanced photographer mentoring sessions if you live 2 or more hours from me. Thanks! :)


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