Back to School Minis

Yes, yes... shockingly enough it's almost time for school to start again... and time to capture what your child looks like this year. My daughter is going to be a junior in high school... I know, it's impossible.  I forced her to let me take a few photos, and I'm going to have to make her do it again when she thinks her "hair is good enough" and "she's wearing the right thing". ;) Actually, I'm not supposed to post these on the blog, but we'll just keep this our little secret, okay? I love them. :)

So, to the point... I'm going to be shooting some back to school minis... because I know that you want more than the standard photo that comes from the school (not knocking those... I just know there's more to capture. ;)  You can jump in on this deal even if your kiddos are still too young for "real" school.

I bet you want to know how much... you're going to like this, I promise. :)
$25 for 5 edited images on a disc.
Yup. Only $25. If you want more than 5 photos, book 2 or more spots. Only individual portraits for this one... no groups please. :)

I'll be shooting at my house on these dates and times. Let me know in the comments or email which time you'd like, and I'll put you down. If none of these work for you, let's talk... I will see if I can work something out. :)

Thursday, August 18th
5:00 Lacy
5:15 Lacy
5:30 Lacy
5:45 Meggan
6:00 Meggan

Monday, August 22nd
2:15 Jess
4:00 Nicole
4:15 Cami
4:30 Carrie
4:45 Kristin

If you want great high quality prints, I've got a deal for this... 8 wallets, an 8x10, or 2 5x7s for $5 each. You can mix and match and add on as you please. Each of them can be a different pose (8 wallets all have to be one pose). This is in addition to the disc you get... so you still have printing rights to print more if you'd like.



  1. DANG IT ALL MINDY. Why aren't you closer?

    I really was serious when I mentioned a Texas vacation for you--I NEED IT! :)