A Little Bit of What I've Been Up To

Lots of fun stuff going on for me and my trusty Nikon lately... here's a little taste. :)

Salt Cycles is revamping their website... and it will now feature photos by... me! Yup. I loved our first shooting session. These guys (and girl :) are so awesome & pretty much the best bike freaks you'll ever meet. If you're ever in Sandy, go in, check out the amazing bikes and say hi to Chris & Amy from me.

I'm working on the editing for this super gorgeous family. The mom told them to wear whatever they wanted to... didn't even specify a color. Can you believe how great their color coordinating turned out? It just goes to show that sometimes the less you plan, the better things go. :)

My brother (who gave me a great start in photography... he patiently taught me the ins and outs of my camera among other things) blessed his new baby boy this last Sunday. I think I need to kiss those cheeks (not my brother's... the baby's, for pete's sake!!)

 I got to do a super fun mentoring session with Amy over at Super Healthy Kids. She was so cute and fun... I loved our time together. We got her shooting in manual, and shooting with lots more creativity. She has an amazing blog... I can't wait to use her ideas with my kids! Plus... she got to workout with Bob from Biggest Loser. How freakin' awesome is that??

And what's a post without baby feet? Look at the way her toes curl around the other foot. Too cute!

Well, there's a bit of what I've been doing the last week... remember to let me know if you want a session out along the wasatch front next tuesday... and I'll be posting about my upcoming mini sessions in the next few days, so keep watching!!



  1. You're turning into my claim to fame! Exciting stuff! That bike shoot looks like so much fun. :) You're amazing Mindy!

  2. I loved working with you too Mindy! Thanks so much for coming by. I'd love to have you back, as soon as my life slows down just a bit. I'll totally call you :)