My Day Yesterday

 Yesterday... it was one of those days that I just lost it a little bit. It started out great... working out at the gym with a friend, going to lunch with another friend... but quickly went downhill. It's kind of funny now, really... but what kind of mom goes to the middle school to pick up her 8th grader (who is now in junior high?) I got all the way to the office, asked for Tyler, waited for her to find him... then realized my blunder. Yes, I was embarrassed. By the time I got to the junior high to check him out for our dentist appointments, the after-school crowd of cars was there. Tyler's reluctance to go and dilly-dallying didn't help the situation, and we had a 35 minute drive ahead of us to do in 20 minutes. Needless to say, we didn't make it in time... and they couldn't get us both in anymore.
 Add to that a huge windshield chip, stupid drivers, and life crap just weighing me down, and I wasn't coping very well. Then... I thought Cooper had to go to a birthday party at 6:00. At 6:10 we're rushing to their door, me thinking "who IS this girl who is late to everything?? It can't possibly be me"... just to find out that the birthday party is tomorrow. Yes, I think I've reached my quota of feeling stupid in one day for sure. My house was (is) a mess, and I had apricot picking drama added on top of everything else. I might have cried a little... not because my life is so hard or so bad, but because I feel like silly things like this should be easy for me to handle, and I wasn't handling it well.
Finally I sat down and just edited... I knew that one of the stresses weighing me down was the sessions I have coming up... and knowing that I still had sessions on the editing block was worrying me. It helped... a lot. I loved the little surprises of a great expression, or the light hitting just so. I loved the soothing feeling of going through the photos one at a time, choosing the ones that spoke to me. It lifted some of the weight off to know that I am caught up... for now... but it also made me realize that I have to step back and remember why I do this. Because I love it. Because it is me. 

Now, if I could only find my brain...

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  1. I LOVE these baby pics. LIke you, I don't care for the nude baby pics. These are so sweet and precious. And, hey, your crazy day made me laugh and think about the crazy things I've done.