Newborn Photography

 There are so many different styles of newborn photography... and that's a good thing, really. That way everyone gets to hire the photographer that captures their newborn the way they want. If a photographer shoots newborns differently than how I would that doesn't mean either one of us are wrong or bad... we're just different. :)

 I read this article today from an amazing photographer, and I was nodding my head in agreement. Sometimes I see babies put in poses that scare me just looking at the picture. It doesn't feel cute, or natural, or pleasant to me. It feels uncomfortable. There are those who love lots of props and crazy balancing or hanging acts, but please... if you have to do that, be safe!!

I'm a little different with my newborn photography than a lot of photographers. I'm not a big fan of weird nude shots, and I'm not a big fan of unnatural props. A little bit goes a long way with either of those things, I think. I like to capture those things that I remember loving about my babies. The toes, the fingers, the sweet cheeks... the love and adoration in a parent's eyes, the wonder of an older sibling... the more natural things.

Thank goodness for the clients who love what I love and let me capture it all the way I see it. :)



  1. Oh I love this post Mindy! I couldn't agree with you more! :)

  2. You truly captured the love that we have
    for our baby. That is a priceless gift.