The Rest of the Family

 Remember yesterday's post... with picture overload? Well... it's going to happen again. I'd say that I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll be sad... so I will say... you're welcome. :)

 If you were wondering how that baby got to be so cute? Yeah... wonder no longer. Look at these two!!



  1. What a cute, cute family! I really love this shoot. The blankets are so fun. I have been thinking I need to make some for some shoots with my family. Now I don't have to.;)

    OH and thanks for putting up lots of pictures. It makes me happy.;)

  2. I love these and I NEED you to take Maylee's 1 year old pictures!! :)

  3. Such a beautiful family...I love all of the colors...you really are so good at what you do.