Newborns... Can't Get Enough!!

 I have this thing about newborn sessions... I LOVE the black and white. Love it. I probably edit more black and white than usual for a newborn session, just because I love it so.  :)
 I think it just takes all the distractions away and makes you really see every single thing that makes a baby so incredibly sweet. Those hands, those ears, those lips.
 And it really brings out the emotions in a photo... don't you think?

 But then... sometimes the color edits... sigh. I can't get enough of those either!
 It makes me want to just pick those babies up and smell them and nuzzle their cheeks.
 I guess I won't stop doing color for newborn sessions completely. A bit of both is about perfect, I think.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Love this session! I LOVE, LOVE NEWBORNS! This makes me want another one...But not bad enough to get the job done.;)