Part of My Family

This photoshoot was one of my "regulars"... I love love the families that come back to me again and again... the ones that call me up for their yearly family photo, or for milestones in their children's lives. I love watching them grow, and change, and I love seeing the different stages these kids go through. These families are truly "my families". 

Last night I had a shoot with a family... our first time together, and we clicked so well, and I just fell in love with them... and then today I got to photograph a sweet little newborn boy and his two adorable sisters... and I fell in love with them too. I realized that when someone is allowing me into their lives like this... to capture who they are... and they are trusting me with something so precious, and so important to them... it's not hard to feel like they're part of "my family", and my heart is automatically opened to them.

It's hard to explain this... but photography for me is so much more than just having a camera and clicking a shutter and taking a picture of someone. It's striving to capture their heart, their relationships, the beauty that they are. I want to capture something that will make people feel. Every time. 


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