Kiss the Girl!!

 I love love love capturing love. :) I'm on a quest to get even better and better at it... so I'll work hard at photoshoots to make sure I catch it.

Sometimes couples don't want to kiss, and that's okay... I'll never make them kiss... but I had some fun experiences with kids encouraging their parents to kiss last Saturday. It made me laugh... kiss her, Dad! Kiss her! And then.... oooohs and aaaaaahs from the kiddos. :)

 The thing is... kids need to see that. They need to know that their parents are deeply in love. I know some couples feel awkward showing pda (public displays of affection) in front of their kids, but I'm a firm believer in making sure your kids see some affection. I think it's vital for them to feel confident in their parents' love for each other, and important for them to see that married love is good, fun, and real.

 They see so much on tv... romantic love between people who aren't married, and they might think that once you get married, love is boring, or just stops. I loved this hug... totally spontaneous and real. :)

 And this... you'd never believe that kiss lasted maybe 1/4 of a second. The kids were egging them on to kiss, and Dad thought he would be funny and make it so fast that I couldn't catch it. Ha. Who's the joke on now? Yes, I'm that good. ;)

 So, like it or not... sometimes you're going to feel a little bit awkward during our sessions... but then you'll realize that hey, I really do love this person! I really do want a picture of that love for my kids to see and KNOW that their parents are deeply, madly, really in love.

Forever. :)



  1. This is such a great post, Mindy! I love how you capture these great moments. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Still after 35 years, my parents insist on spending time alone together rather than with us kids and grandkids and I can see how it has shaped my trust in people and perspective on relationships and humanity in general. There are others in my life whose parents, while still married, any attempt from the father to show affection was/and is still dramatically rejected and the now grown children are somewhat cynical, untrusting of others, and generally not confident in themselves and I believe much of is stems from their parents relationship.

  2. I don't know why this post made me cry, but I am sitting here wiping away tears. I agree with you in that it is good for children to see their parents display affection. I have heard too many stories recently of people giving up on their spouse for reasons that are hard to understand. Especially when facing the reality that some of us may lose our spouse (at least for mortality) and don't have a choice. I like to see these pictures. Breath of fresh air!

  3. Loved this post!! I grew up with parents that made me want to barf from time to time and I now see how crucial that PDA was to my security and faith and contentment in marriage. :)