My favorite part of wedding photography is the engagements, and my second favorite is bridals/formals. I love capturing love! I love the relaxed time we have together to get photos we will both love and be excited about. Because I love them so much, and because I like to really get to know the bride and the groom before the wedding (there's so much more confidence and trust in the photographer if you already have a relationship with her!), I prefer to photograph your love story from beginning to end! When you choose to do everything with me, you'll get a better deal, and better photos all around. :)

I price everything as an a la carte set up, so you can decide where you want to put your wedding budget money. If you want anything photographed on your special day that isn't listed here, let's talk... we'll figure out what is needed and what the price will be.

Engagements: $250 ($100 deposit to hold the date, remaining $150 due the day of the session)
Bridals/Formals: $250 ($100 deposit to hold the date, remaining $150 due the day of the session)

Wedding Ceremony: $500*
Couple Photos after the Wedding or Temple: $500* 
Family Groups at the Wedding or Temple: $500* 
Reception (2.5 hours of coverage): $500*
(Wedding Day requires a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the date, entire remaining balance due by a week before the wedding)

*If you schedule an Engagement session with me, take $150 off of each item on your list of wedding day photography needs. If you schedule Bridals, each item will be discounted $100. Scheduling both Engagements and Bridals gets you $250 off! (Yes, that means they would end up being half the price. This is how much I want you to schedule everything with me and not just the wedding).

Contact me if you have any questions! I'd love to chat with you!


  1. What about Engagment Photography. DO u do it and how much a session?

  2. Yes, Nessy! I do. My pricing for Engagement Sessions is the same as a regular session. Details are here: http://www.melindasmithphotography.com/p/invest-in-you.html

  3. How many pictures would you get back from the ceremony, couples, and family pictures?

    1. Jessica, the exact number varies, but they are at least 30 edited photos each. So, 30 from the ceremony, 30 from the couples, and 30 from the family pictures. If you have more questions, email me at melindasmithphotography@gmail.com. :)