Weddings... My Thoughts

Weddings... some photographers shoot them, some don't. Some are amazing at capturing them... some... aren't. ;)  I love to shoot weddings, but I do have opinions about them. (Imagine that... ;)

Lots of people get their aunt/neighbor/dad/cousin who has a good camera to shoot their engagements and bridals, and then they want to hire me to shoot the wedding (or at the temple after the wedding) and the reception. Here's the problem with that: which photos are you sending out for everyone to see? Which photos are you printing up to display? Yep... the engagements and bridals. Doesn't it make sense to put your money towards those?

If you need photos of the actual wedding, then by all means... hire me for that part! You don't want to miss a thing there, and you don't want to leave it to someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Let's talk for a minute about receptions in church gyms... you're not going to get great photos there... the lighting is bad, and it just isn't the place for gorgeous photos you're going to print and hang on your wall. That is the place to get some relative or friend with a point and shoot to capture your memories. Let's talk about family group photos at the temple after the wedding... every relative there is trying to snap the exact same photos I'm setting up with their own cameras... it kind of gets a little ridiculous. (It is, however, a perfect time to hire a photographer to take photos of the couple right after they get married.) I don't want to discourage anyone from doing what they want, and hiring a photographer for what they want with their wedding... but I just wanted to tell it to you straight... because I promise, as your photographer, I'm going to make sure you get the best for your money.

So, this is how I price weddings... it's an a la carte set up, so you can decide where you want to put your wedding budget money. If you want anything photographed on your special day that isn't listed here, let's talk... we'll figure out what is needed and what the price will be.

A $100 non-refundable scheduling fee is required before I will hold your wedding date!!

Wedding Ceremony: $250 
Couple Photos after the Wedding or Temple: $250 
Family Groups at the Wedding or Temple: $250 
Reception: $250

Engagements & Bridals (or Formals) priced as Complete Session Experience fee, and they will need a separate Scheduling Fee paid for each.



  1. What about Engagment Photography. DO u do it and how much a session?

  2. Yes, Nessy! I do. My pricing for Engagement Sessions is the same as a regular session. Details are here: http://www.melindasmithphotography.com/p/invest-in-you.html

  3. How many pictures would you get back from the ceremony, couples, and family pictures?

    1. Jessica, the exact number varies, but they are at least 30 edited photos each. So, 30 from the ceremony, 30 from the couples, and 30 from the family pictures. If you have more questions, email me at melindasmithphotography@gmail.com. :)