Love is in the Air!

I loved my time with Jacqi and Corey... they were very sweet together, and I loved capturing those little moments. My original plans for location didn't exactly pan out, but we ended up getting even better shots than I hoped! I was really glad that they were both willing to go with the flow, and just relax and trust me. :)

I also designed their wedding announcements, which I LOVE doing! It was so much fun to take Jacqi's ideas and incorporate my own style, making a mix that we both loved. I've really loved designing books, cards, etc for clients... and am excited for some more upcoming designs I have scheduled. :)

By the way, I loved the pops of color in their outfits! They went shopping together for the clothes they were going to wear, and although Corey wasn't completely on board at first, I think he warmed up to it all. ;)


  1. wow..I can remember when Jacqi was born....and now she is getting married! She is a beauty!! So happy for both of them. Great job on the pictures :)

  2. Cute couple! Please post the invites when you get the okay. I would love to see them.

    1. I will post it! We'll let her get them out first, and then I'll ask her if I can post it. They turned out so cute!!

  3. Great, great photos! I love the pop of colors too. What a cute couple!