Cooper the Fish Part 2

 I am the WORST at photographing my own children's lives. Absolutely the worst. It's really sad, and I know that I need to do better. I'll admit something that will make most of you gasp... I don't have one photo of my children on my walls. I know. I KNOW!! I mean to do it, but I get all worried about choosing the perfect one, and then it doesn't get done, and then I think, well, they're older now than when I did that last little shoot, so I might as well wait until I do another shoot... and the cycle continues.
 So, I've been taking this class from Brooke Snow (more about that in the previous post... and can I say again how excited I am about this? I love learning... love it... and I can't wait to share this whole journey with all of you. I'll be posting the homework for week 2 in a few more days), and I'm determined to use my family for some of the homework assignments, because let's face it, they're pretty darn good looking kids, and they definitely should be in my photos more often.
 I signed Cooper up for private swim lessons with Mindy (yep, another awesome Mindy... what are the odds? ;) and it was so fun to watch him get better and better each day. He absolutely loves the water, and has no fear. He's a sinker, though. He can't tread water, and if he doesn't have those handy dandy fins on, his bottom half sinks right down. He got a bit better by the end, and I know he'll learn the art of the float someday.

He's determined, that's for sure. He always gave it all his effort... it was fun to see how serious he was about it. He did flash me the occasional smile or thumbs-up.
 Cooper's favorite thing was diving for the toys at the end of each lesson. He'd throw them to the bottom over and over again, until Mindy and I finally forced him out of the pool. I sure love my not-so-little-anymore Coopster. :) p.s. I tried some in b&w, because I love that for lifestyle shoots, but these begged to be in color... there wasn't any way around it.