Easter Minis!!

What's that, you say? Easter Minis?? Hooray!

We work so hard to get our kids dressed ever-so-adorably on Easter... it's a perfect time to get a few photos of them in their finery. :) This year my son, Tyler, has agreed to help me at my Easter Minis with his sweet fluffy bunny, Storm... so if your kids would like a photo or two with an easter bunny, this is the year! Here's the deal:

6 images

Individual photos only, please. You can divide the session up between kids if you want, but no groups. You will get a print release, so you can print as many as you'd like! We will be shooting at my house... let me know if you need directions. 

Email, comment, facebook, text, or call me to reserve your spot! 

Monday, April 2nd
2:15 Stacy Shelley
2:30 Marcy
2:45 Stacey Schneider
4:00 Megan

Wednesday, April 4th

3:30 Nicole
3:45 Kristin
4:00 RoseAnna
4:15 Carrie
4:30 Ronda
4:45 Robyn
5:00 Michelle
5:15 Heidi

Thursday, April 5th

2:00 Mandie
2:15 Aderyn
2:30 RaeAnna
2:45 Misty
3:00 Misty

Tuesday, April 10th

2:30 Mayci
2:45 Keaton
3:00 Cami



  1. Mindy, can you sign us up for the 4:15 session on Wednesday? Madison, Bailee and Ashton, 2 photos each, will that work?

  2. If you have any cancellations, let me know!!!! Evidently I am late on the draw ;) Thanks Heidi

  3. What a cute baby! Love these pics!