Homework: Week 4

For Brooke's class this week we worked on thematic shooting... we had to pick ONE photo to tell the entire theme/story. The Baumgarten's are an amazing family... I'm not going to share their whole story here, but you can click on their name to get an idea. I've wanted to do a lifestyle shoot with them for a very long time... I've felt a need to capture the spirit of their entire family. The theme I wanted to capture for this one photo was

family... love... endurance... strength... faith... eternity

because the Baumgarten family exemplifies these themes perfectly for me. They read scriptures together as a family daily, and as I photographed one of their scripture sessions, my heart was touched. They didn't just read the words. They feasted, they discussed, they took apart the concepts, and above all, they learned together. Thank you, Josh and Kristen, Kimball, McKay, Benson, and Eliza. I love your family so much.

We also had to capture ourselves in a portrait this week. I am rarely the subject of my photos, so I had to make sure to get in a few photos this week. I went on a little girls' trip to St. George, Utah, (what a GREAT time we had!!!) and made everyone take a group photo with my timer at the end of our trip together. I'm the vertically challenged one on the right. ;) One of our adventures this past weekend was getting pedicures together (my first), and it was heavenly. Oddly enough, they could tell that we all had "runner's feet"... yep, we're a bunch of running nuts. I had to capture our beautiful berry toes on the green spring grass. Thank you, Dallas, Ellen, Martha, and Amy. I love you girls so much. :)


  1. gorgeous family shot! love the theme(s) you captured with just one image- the soft lighting, the point of view, the special time they are sharing is just perfect.

  2. Mindy, I LOVE this picture. I don't know the family at all but there is such a feeling of warmth and love that comes from just this one shot. Beautiful!

  3. what a wonderful image of the family. I love the perspective. Your girls weekend looks like fun!

  4. SO, SO beautiful! I love what you captured!

    And Mindy--you are SO stunning...even the casual shot, you just radiate BEAUTY!