An Afternoon at the Baumgartens | Utah Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is a whole lot of fun... you all know how much I love to capture those real relationships and emotions. :) I was so grateful that I had this chance to spend an afternoon with the Baumgartens... to get a little glimpse of their family together. I knew before this day that they are pretty dang amazing, but let me tell you... I learned it even more deeply after that little bit of time spent observing their daily lives. I hope these photos help you get to know them a little better too... because if you do, your life will be richer because of knowing them. I know mine is.



  1. I loved these pictures of one of our most favorite families.

  2. I love them, too! Brings a tear to my eye!

  3. I love the Baumgartens! These photos are so beautiful, and I know they will always mean a lot to this gorgeous family. :) Thanks for sharing.