Awww... Prom :) | Vernal Utah Prom Photography

I was lucky enough to be the photographer for the BEST group of kids going to prom. (I may be a bit biased since one of them is my daughter, but go along with me here.)

We had so much fun doing some different fun/silly/serious poses, and I LOVED that I got to be a small part of the day for my daughter's very first prom.

They all looked so beautiful and handsome!!

So, today I got a message in my photography page inbox... and it made me smile. I get messages and emails like this more and more frequently... messages from other photographers asking what camera and lens I use, and what my secret is... and I always answer everything I can because not that long ago I was emailing photographers asking the same question. I still remember my advice from Audrey Woulard (oh my goodness... I couldn't even believe that she took the time to ANSWER me once, let alone a back and forth conversation!!) and Sharon DeLao... these photographers are rock stars, seriously! I didn't send a lot of messages out there... I didn't want to bother people, and I liked to figure things out myself, but every once in awhile I just HAD to know... and some were gracious enough to actually answer me. Now, here I am... far from being a "rock star", but somehow inspiring others anyway. It amazes me where this photography journey has taken me... and I've got plans for where I'm going to go. :)


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  1. You're amazing. I love you--and i LOVE how giving you are with your advice and words--you are one to look up to and follow, and I am so lucky to be able to follow in your footsteps!