City Creek Seniors

 I had SO much fun with Natalie! To give you a little background, Natalie's mom, Theresa, was my bestest friend in kindergarten, and even though I moved away soon after that, we remained close friends all through our growing up years. We'd have weekend slumber parties, and have the best time together.

Fast forward many many MANY years (I canNOT believe we are this old ;) and we re-connected through facebook. Theresa told me that Natalie wanted ME to take her senior pics, and I was more than happy to oblige... she has so much of her mom in her. It was fun to see that high school Theresa in her daughter.

 We met at the new City Creek center in SLC... it was the first time I had been there, but I just knew it would be a great place for senior pics...

...and it was fantastic!! Natalie didn't get embarrassed at all by me laying down in the middle of the sidewalk among a bunch of people, or by me making her strum a few chords on her guitar. She was poised, professional, and gorgeous.

I loved getting to know Natalie a little bit better... and reconnecting with old friends.

 Wait... did I say old? I meant young friends. We canNOT be this old. ;)