Happy Late Mother's Day!

This set of photos portrays motherhood to me perfectly. :) I loved this little family!

Maybe this is a little bit creepy to admit... but when I edit photos, I really love the people I'm editing. I fall in love with their faces, and the unique things about them, and even their imperfections. I just can't help it when I'm getting so close and personal with them on your computer screen. ;)  I feel a connection with them that I think helps me edit even better... because I truly care about them, and I want them to look their best, and most importantly, I want them to see themselves how I see them. Even if I don't really know them (except for our time together shooting) I feel like they are family. So... was that too creepy? Did I scare you all away? ;)



  1. I don't think that's creepy at all. It just shows how much you love people. I too end up loving almost everyone I photograph.

  2. Creepy, but I liked it. Totally kidding, that's not the least bit creepy! Beautiful colors and photos. I really like the photo where the youngest girl is laying on her mom's cute tummy, all the kids looks so angelic in that one, precious!!

  3. Not creepy. That is just what makes your photography so wonderful.