Life Happens... and It's Good

I'm going out of order here, and neglecting my sessions that I still need to blog from March... but I just had to share this session now before I forgot about it.

We had planned on shooting this session up Dry Fork Canyon, but the day of our session was horrible, horrible weather. We all kept hoping throughout the day that it would clear up. We even decided to hold on to hope right up to the time of the session... and started driving up the canyon.

Well, halfway up the canyon Jessi called and said that it didn't look good, and I agreed. So, I followed their car to one of their most loved places, McCoy Flats (the skies looked clear over that way, so it was a good sign).  It's a sagebrush filled mountain biking trail area with fun trail names like "milk and cookies"... people come from all over to bike these trails.

 Then I found out that their adorable sweet-cheeked baby's name is Artemis, which is from the latin for sagebrush (Artemesia)... so this setting was getting better and better.

It was ridiculously windy, and the baby didn't love the wind, but I actually ended up LOVING what happened...
 Because sweet Arte needed some comforting, we ended up shooting even more of a lifestyle-type family session than I usually do. I. loved. it.

I really got a sense of what Jessi and Ryan were like... and I wanted to capture that laid-back, happy, outdoor-loving feeling.

 Sooo... I hope they love them as much as I do, because I can't stop looking at the photos from this session, especially the very last photo on the right of this post. I don't know what it is about it, but I'm ready to print it up and hang it on my wall. ;)


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