Missionaries... and a Funny Story

 I've been thoroughly enjoying taking photos of super handsome young men getting ready for their missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's such an exciting time for them, and they just look so good in a suit!

So, this is totally unrelated, but I have to share a funny story with this short post... Friday I went to the park for a picnic lunch with my bff, Tari and her two boys. We got our stuff out of the car and we were looking for a place to park our blanket and chairs and Burger King (hey, the little guy wanted it ;)... I was looking around everywhere... at the trees, looking at the position of the sun, at the different sides of the building... and all of a sudden I started laughing at myself. Do you know what I was doing? I was looking for the light... looking for the sweet spot for taking photos. When I told Tari, she said she wondered what I was doing, and she laughed with me. Yep... I am officially an insane nutty photographer. Apparently I have to sit in yummy light to eat a burger and onion rings.

Photographers: do you find yourself incessantly looking for good light, even when your camera is nowhere near?



  1. OMGOODNESS! I do it all the time...and toddlers do not share my affection for the perfect light. They have no patience with me...I always find myself staring at things especially in the golden evenings.

  2. OH I love this post. I think being a photographer makes you look at everything in a whole new light. My neighbor told me that when I was taking some bridals in the field next to her house she had to explain to her husband that it wasn't the field that I liked, but the sunset behind it... I laughed it off, it wasn't actually the sunset behind the field that I liked, it was the tall dead grass that the sun was just glowing off of... That field is beyond gorgeous. I am beyond grateful for having my eyes opened to the beauty all around, even in a "dead ugly" field of grass. :)
    p.s. I LOVE these pictures. Missionaries really do have a special light about them.

  3. Joie and Kristi, I KNEW you two would understand! ;)

  4. LOL! That is hilarious. Makes me feel better about quilting in my head every time I see a cool pattern in someone's temple dress during a session.