Vintage Bride

 Jacqi had a definite style in mind, and she pulled it off beautifully! I am so in love with everything vintage (hello, I live in a 115 year old house), so I was thrilled that Jacqi let me shoot her bridals.

 Her shoes are perfection, aren't they?

It got kind of windy during our session, but Jacqi was able to handle it with grace. Mid-March is always iffy, but luckily we had a mild winter... I got so many sessions in and only froze my fingers off on a few! I try to wear gloves with the fingers cut off so I can navigate my camera buttons, but holy heck, sometimes my fingers are so frozen that I don't know if I'm pushing the shutter button or not... I can't feel a thing! I always feel sorry for the poor models I'm shooting... I try to let them move around a lot. :)

I shot the entire session with the 85mm 1.4 lens (for the photogs out there who care)... and just so you know, I'm a minimal gal who is in love with primes. I don't like to change my lens out a lot, and I only use 2 with my camera (Nikon D700) so these specs won't be changing a lot.