Ben and Breanna | Vernal Utah Photography

Yesterday this beautiful couple tied the knot... and thank goodness, because I couldn't wait any longer to share these bridals/groomals (and that word... groomals... still cracks me up... doesn't it sound funny?) I had so much fun with these two, and ended up feeling like they were family.

Breanna wanted those "first look" photos... Ben had never seen her in her dress before. I LOVED capturing this special moment. His reaction was perfect! (And she looked breathtaking... I absolutely loved her dress.)

It was so windy that day. Like crazy wind. Like a tornado came through at times. Did I mention that it was windy? Well, it was windy.

I might have been a little worried about the wind ;) but I knew we could make it work for us. And oh boy, did it ever. I don't think this session would have ended up so magical if we hadn't had the wind.

Ben and Breanna were so sweet with each other... I wanted to capture their fun personalities, and the tenderness that they showed each other.

I was in love with the way the wind was playing with Breanna's hair. I loved that she let go of perfection, and let nature have her way. I think she is a natural beauty... I love her freckles, her laugh, and her quiet elegance.

I am so grateful that I got the chance to be the photographer for this amazing gorgeous couple! When I saw these photos at the reception, printed and displayed on the table, it made my heart sing. :) It makes me so happy to see the photos that I had a part in loved and used. I have some fun stories to share about the wedding... but we'll wait until I get those photos blogged to share. ;)

Thank you again, Breanna and Ben!



  1. Wow! Breathtaking photos! The ones of him hugging her made me almost get teary eyed.

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  3. Oh Mindy!!! Will you take my bridals?? Seriously though, these are gorgeous, if I ever fit back in my wedding dress I may just have to have you do it. Did I mention these are perfect and that I love them?!

  4. Love his reaction! Love that you captured it!

  5. My niece is truly an elegant fun lady! You did a great job capturing her personality and her relationship with Ben. Thank you for posting these so I could see them.