Magic Session :) | Utah Family Photographer

This is my husband's sister, Melissa, her husband Landon, and her beautiful kiddos... we've been talking for awhile about doing family photos, but it's hard when we live so far apart. We were at a family reunion a week ago, and jokingly mentioned that we should do family photos while we were there...

Well, it soon turned into serious planning, and with some clothes that were already newly purchased, and a few borrowed items, they had perfectly coordinated outfits. We had a very small window of time to shoot... half hour at 11:00 a.m. in Park City. I had never photographed anyone in Park City before, so I had no idea what location we were going to use.

We were driving around to find a place, and I was starting to get panicky. Everything was fenced off, or in full harsh sun, and I SO wanted these photos to be great! My half hour of shooting was quickly ticking away... all of a sudden I saw a tree... a humongous gorgeous tree in a for-sale lot on the side of the road. I yelled, that's it!! That's the place! And we pulled over, with Melissa and family following.

The funny thing is, in their car, Melissa and Landon were saying, if only there were a tree big enough to shade the whole family... and boom. There it was, right where we pulled over.

So, almost high noon, only 20 minutes of shooting, and 4 little kids (who were perfectly behaved)... and I am thrilled with what we got. :) I love sessions that just come together like magic!



  1. What a great story! It was meant to be and it all turned out beautifully.

  2. These turned out PERFECT! SO, SO, SO AWESOME!

  3. What a fun story and a beautiful family to top it all of with!!

  4. What a beautiful family! I love the blue, I think I'm going to have to do blue and white for our next family photos. Those kids are adorable! Great location too!!