Love Love LoVe!!

It's always fun to shoot at a tried and true location... but at a completely different time of day! I loved seeing how the light played differently on everything. It keeps me on my toes, and sparks creativity. :)

I fell in love with all of these family shots when I was going through them in editing! I loved the spontaneous love that they showed each other... I even briefly wondered if it would be weird to hang a photo of someone else's family on my own walls. ;)

 I've had the privilege of shooting pics of this family a couple of times before... and I always LOVE our time together. :) It's not hard to see why...



  1. I love this family! One if my best referrals ever. You are amazing Mindy. Only you can take a beautiful family and make it even more.

  2. I can see why you'd want to hang these up in YOUR wall! Beautiful family interactions!

  3. I recognize that nice doctor! What a beautiful family. I love all the colors!