My Own

It is impossible to me that my only daughter is a Senior. She's going to be leaving me all too soon, and although I am excited for her and her life adventures, I'm mourning the loss of my little girl at home with me always.

She has been looking through college brochure after college brochure, and thinking about and discussing her options endlessly. One day it was a little overwhelming, and she was crying and saying, I don't want to leave home! I cried, you don't have to! Through her tears, she said, yes, I do. And then, through tears of my own, I said... I know.

 I'm crying as I'm typing... what a big baby I am. :) She's just one of the best girls in the whole wide world, and I'm lucky enough to be her mom.

 She's a best friend, a fantastic shopping buddy, a wonderful help in the kitchen. She's responsible, smart, funny, and sometimes she's so mature about things that it blows me away.

I know I wasn't nearly as smart as she is about boys, and friends, and all that silly high school stuff.

She's dedicated, and a hard worker. She pours her heart into everything that she does, and she does it well. She fits more into her life than most could, and still finds time to help me when I need it.

 Yes, I'm going to miss her, and my heart breaks a little when I think about it too much... but I also can't wait to see what she does with her life. It's going to be amazing. She's going to be a force for good, and I'm just ready to sit back and watch it happen.

 I love you, Aubrey. I'm so glad you're mine.



  1. Wow Mindy!!! You made me tear up! Pink is definitely her color. I think my favorite is the first one!!

  2. Aubrey is a beautiful, talented, wonderful girl and she will do great things. These pictures are beautiful. Print one big, hang it your home. You won't regret it. Every time I look at beautiful pictures of my family and children, my heart is grateful and I feel happy even in the midst of trials.

  3. Oh and my children LOVE to see pictures of themselves and our family. I think it is good for their self esteem,

  4. You can tell she is a beautiful girl-inside and out. I have only been around her a couple times but she SO reminds me of my Hallie. I hope Hallie can keep her head on straight and turn out like Aubrey!

  5. I was just looking at her last night at the x-Country awards banquet with her wet swimming hair all up in a bun. I just thought to myself, [knowing she went from swimming practice at 5:30 am to school to swimming practice to awards banquet]:She is a busy hard working girl! Our daughter Alyssa is just beginning what Aubrey has been doing for years. Alyssa has already had a couple moments of not sure if she can do all of this.Oh! And not to mention, that in most of her "free time" she is working at the Rec Center as a life guard! I know how hard she works everyday and she is a great great girl. So glad she is friends with my daughters.

  6. So beautiful! A lovely girl, from a lovely mom!

  7. Flash forward to MY own leaving--you had me in tears. She's a lucky girl...and it definitely seems like you're a LUCKY mom!

  8. I love that girl! She is the best! You really are so lucky to have her. And what a credit to you for raising such an awesome daughter.

  9. I love the fact that you have pictures of her in her running clothes. I ran in school and wish I would have thought to do something like that... now my running gear doesn't look as good as it did then! Your daughter is stunningly beautiful!