Amberly and Kevin

In our pre-wedding discussions, I knew that I was going to LOVE Amberly and Kevin!! I met them the day of the wedding (I live far away from them), but when they described what they wanted to me, I knew that we were a perfect match. :)

 They didn't want a bunch of posed photos... they just wanted photos that showed their relationship, and their personalities. Well, hello... that's my "thing"!! I was so excited!

 They definitely didn't disappoint. They were so perfect together, and so sweet with each other. Photographing them was a dream! I loved every minute!

It didn't hurt that this day in December was so warm! We couldn't have asked for better weather. :) It was a stark contrast from the day in December that I got married so many years ago... wow, what a bitterly cold day that was!

The Mr & Mrs!

Amberly's grandpa has a tradition of giving his granddaughters a special necklace when they get married. I loved this sweet moment with grandpa! What a wonderful tradition. :)

 Sisters... oh, how I loved this moment.

I adored the red with the creamy dress. What gorgeous shoes!

Thank you a million times over, Amberly and Kevin, for letting me be your photographer!!



  1. Thank YOU Mindy! I adore our pictures and working with you was such a great experience. I wish we could have you follow us around all our lives, documenting our greatest moments. :) You are the best.

  2. You are amazing at capturing magic moments! Beautiful, beautiful!

  3. I love the red shoes! beautiful shoot!